PropLogix Launches Yearly Title Industry Survey, Seeks 500+ Responses

PropLogix seeks participation from title agents, real estate attorneys, real estate agents, and lenders

PropLogix has launched its fourth annual State of the Title Industry survey, and the company is looking for participation from title agents, real estate attorneys, real estate agents, and lenders. 

The survey results will be analyzed and compiled into the 2021 State of the Title Industry Report.

The survey's primary purpose is to gather feedback and allow title agents to see what their peers are doing when handling a multitude of industry challenges. PropLogix seeks to survey a diverse range of title industry perspectives so the report can help title, mortgage, and real estate professionals excel at their jobs and overcome barriers to completing real estate closings.

The survey is also a chance to gather feedback from real estate agents to gauge their expectations and understanding regarding title insurance and wire fraud threats. This information will help title agents make better decisions about what types of education to share with their real estate agent partners.

"The more feedback we get, the more representation we have, the more helpful the report becomes. We hope to provide title professionals with valuable insight that can help inform decisions for the next year," said PropLogix Communications Director Lindsey Gordon, "So, please, take the survey and encourage your lender and real estate partners to do the same."

In 2020, PropLogix received more than 450 responses and hopes to reach more than 500 responses this year. The survey, which takes an average of 5-10 minutes to complete, can be found at

About PropLogix

PropLogix is a title support company providing vital due diligence services and software for closing professionals. Using best practices, efficient processes, and providing the best customer service in the industry, PropLogix strives to make all aspects of the transaction within their control as simple and transparent as possible.

Source: PropLogix